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Do you wish to Rejuvenate for a Happier Mind, Body, and Soul?

Heal, Shine & Transform: 30 Days to a Life of Growth, Freedom, Happiness, Wealth


I am Rashmi Bagade, drawing on 15+ years of experience practicing Reiki & Angel healing, Mindset mastery, and other potent modalities.

I empower people to unleash their inner magic to achieve their highest potential, and manifest abundance in all aspects of life - health, wealth, love, success, and happiness.


Rashmi Bagade

Personal growth & Healing coach


Dear friend, do you feel stuck in life, in spite of having great skills and knowledge in your field?

If 'Yes' then take this short quiz to know more.

1. Do you feel guilty for prioritizing your career over spending time with your family?

2. Do you crave time and money freedom?

3. Do you feel stressed or frustrated very often?

4. Do you often feel unhappy?

5. Do you find yourself falling prey to overthinking, leading to anxiety and anger?

6. Do you feel a lack of purpose in life?

7. Do you feel undervalued and unappreciated at work or home, leading to a sense of unhappiness and dissatisfaction?

8. Do you feel like others have more favorable opportunities than you?

9. Do you wish to heal your past traumas & upgrade your frequency to attract positive opportunities?

10. Do you wish to enjoy time freedom by completing hours of work in minutes?

If the answer to any one of them is YES for you, then I am here to

To Transform your Life from

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Heal and Transform
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I sincerely appreciate that you are here and I value you.

- Rashmi Bagade

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